Things he's saying

I've covered the hit pieces he's sent out, but there are a number of things or rumors that he's saying on doorsteps and to individuals.  The are remarks that are getting back to me, I'm sure there are plenty that I'm not aware of.  What I've figured out, is he will tell the person he is talking to whatever it is he thinks they don't like. He has no problem contradicting himself, he doesn't think he will get caught.

I was in a group text with 2 people on the night of the primary.  He was trying to get the support of both of them.  He was texting one saying I was going to be endorsed by the ACLU, and the other (a big fan of the ACLU) he was telling I was in league with big oil.  Neither of this claims are true, and they are also not likely to occur at the same time.  What he didn't know is that those two were talking and aware of what the other was being told.  It was pretty clear to them he was lying.  Most people don't get to hear the things he's telling others though, so he gets away with it.

So this was funny, he was on a radio program to talk about the race.  I thought it was to talk about Ward 4, so that's what my segment was on.  But then there was his segment, where he talked about me.  One of his claims was that I had a fully funded campaign, that I was able to fund it from some trust fund he said I have.  He has raise almost $100,000 for this campaign, and $40,000 of it is a loan from himself.  I've raised less than half of that, $45,000 and $7,000 is out of my pocket.  He self funds nearly 6 times as much as me, then calls me a trust fund baby.  Ironically after making a couple other false statements he follows this up with a claim that I'll be too busy running my business to be able to do the job of City Councilman.  Obviously both those things can't be true, but that doesn't stop him.

Let's see, he also made claims of ties to special interest.  As I just stated I've raised less than half of what he has.  I have my friends and family helping me, and we are getting it done with what we have to work with.  He is paying a professional consultant. He's getting PAC money from Washington DC, and local PACs.  He's making claims that I owe someone.  This is again a case where I think he's talking about himself.  He raised over half a million dollars while he was in the house, and now he's raised another $100,000.  That's a pretty big investment in someone.


How Cool is Johnny Cash!

So today, right on schedule for a professional politician, we got the hit piece on me. True to form, it's full of lies and one might say "alternative facts".  It's also a really poorly done hit piece, even worse than his 1st one, which was a train wreck.  So let's analyze this thing.

1. He put me in a picture with Johnny Cash, how cool is that? I guess growing up in New Hampshire they didn't listen to Johnny Cash?  I guess the point here is Johnny Cash is awesome and he thinks I'm like Johnny Cash. That's very cool!

2. Claim I lied about residency.  Wrong! I challenge my opponent to come up with one piece of MY campaign literature that states "Lifelong South OKC Resident".  I've referred to myself as "Lifelong Registered Republican", so I don't know if this is his mistake or a lie. Either is a strong possibility with him.  As I've claimed, and I will reassert here, I was born and raised here on the Southside of OKC.  After being trained on fiber optics in the Oklahoma Air National Guard, I did take a job with a company that moved me out of state for a few years.  I lived in California and Florida, never lived in Missouri though, I don't know if this is a lie or a mistake on his part.  But as he pointed out I've spent over 40 years of my life calling Oklahoma City my home! My job moved me away for a few years, but this is my HOME.

3. So he says I attacked him for growing up out of state, and that he moved here shortly after graduating college.  A couple of points of fact that might be good to include when you are claiming to be stating "Stone Cold Fact", he became a New Hampshire State Rep shortly after college, after which (maybe he lost re-election?) he moved to Tulsa to go to law school.  Tulsa is not in the "heart of south OKC".  Also, pretty sure his office was downtown until a couple years ago, and as previously established, I was back home 7 years ago.

4. Finally, we have "Don't Reward Lies....With Your Vote!"  Why is he telling you not to vote for him?  This is a strange tactic, but then again, he did start out with saying I'm like Johnny Cash!

Fake News

So this is the front of the hit piece, let's jump right in.

1. He calls me a "Norman Developer". Ok, this is strange because I've never owned any property in Norman.  I've never built a house in Norman.  I've also never developed any land in Norman.  In other post I've stated I didn't know if he was lying or mistaken, but in this case he's pretty clearly straight up lying.

2. Headlines about corruption.  These aren't even real headlines.  These are made up by him. What's funny is if you check his ethics filings you will see that he has some pretty substantial campaign contributions from some of the biggest developers in the city.  The fake news articles state "Councilman AND Developer".  You would think since he was making these up anyway he would have said "Developer Councilman" so then it would seem that it was talking about me.  Instead he made up articles that could describe him and his campaign donors.  All this shows is that ANYONE that is a Councilman has to be honest and have integrity, which is on a mailer he sent out with lies and fake news articles.

3. The last thing we have here is the fox in charge of the hen house.  I'm running for City Council because I have deep roots here and a deep love for my city.  We are lacking on very basic services on the Southside.  Our roads need fixed, our easements need to be maintained.  We need police and fire accessible to all our areas.  I know there's not enough money to take care of these basic things, let alone line someone's pockets.  I know a thing or two about building things and budgeting, how much things should cost, and how to get things done on time and on budget.  He sees someone that has experience in the field and he jumps to thinking how that person can take advantage of that for themselves?   Don't know what to say about that, but it's not the way I think.

Too Liberal

So this was the 1st attack piece from the primary. Of course he sent it out at the last minute so his claims couldn't be addressed.  So something to be aware of is he sent this to Republicans with the sole purpose of getting them NOT to vote.  He was not trying to earn their vote.  He's spent years on TV every Sunday referring to Republicans as "The Evil Empire", so he knew that he wasn't going to get their vote, no matter how much he pandered.  So what did he do, shouted "Liberal".  This was his 1st train wreck.  Being one of the most liberal representatives in the Oklahoma Legislature, this didn't go over well with his base, or his donors.  But hey, when you're a professional politician, anything to win a race, right? 

1. Let's start with Cal Berkley.  This isn't an outright lie like some of his other claims, but he did lawyer it up.  I did go to a 3 day fiber optics training class for my job, and the class was on the Cal Berkley campus.  I wasn't enrolled there or ever a student of the school, so I don't think I could claim "I went to Cal Berkley". Kind of like I wouldn't claim to live at Lake Eufaula if I stayed there for 4th of July weekend.

2. "Liberal Todd Stone".  This is just funny.  I'm a life long Republican and he calls me liberal.  I think the big miss for him is that while this attack worked a little to confuse a few people, it wasn't enough.  And now I've had the opportunity to set the record strait.

So that was the address side and below we have the front of the mailer, let's dive in.

In continuing with his "Too Liberal" piece, he chose to bring my family into it.  I don't find this to be very dignified.  I definitely thought we'd be debating the issues of Ward 4 and how to address them. I figured he'd attack me, because I have met him before.  I did not, however, think he would be so desperate to drag any of my family members into it. But he did, so let's set the record strait.

1. My son, whom I am very proud of, is the Representative of House District 89.  He won that race just over 2 years ago at the age of 21, while he was just finishing up college.  He knew what he wanted to do, he worked very hard, and he was elected.  He is doing a great job of representing his district at the Capitol.  Even as a Democrat, he has been ranked with the 5th most conservative voting record in the House.  Not that it matters either way, most people know that your kids never listen to you anyway!  But in all seriousness, he shouldn't have tried to drag my family into this.

2. ACLU Support. I did support Forrest Bennett.  He ran and won to fill the seat of a term limited Representative, in fact that Representative endorsed Forrest in the race. Who was that Representative that termed out?  None other than my opponent, career politician Richard Morrissette. The guy that he worked with to fill his one seat, he then tried to use to score political points and paint this fine young man in a bad light. Despicable.

3.Then he accuses me of lying about residency.  He's sticking with this one even though he's been called out for it numerous times now.  First off, you don't have to take my word for it, you can call the election board and they will verify I live in OKC.  You can contact the city as well, as did one of the voters in the ward that he called.  She was so upset she set out to stop me by calling the city.  When they verified my residency she set out to let the Morrissette campaign know that someone was spreading false information, and she wanted him to know. When that fell on deaf ears, she realized she'd been duped, and now she has let me know that she will definitely be voting for me.  If there is any question as to if he knows it's a lie, let me ask you this, would you spend $100,000 to do something that could be done instead with 1 phone call?  I wouldn't.  If he didn't live in the ward I'd called the election board and get him kicked off the ticket. It's that simple.

Fact Checker

My opponent has taken some liberties with the truth during this campaign.  When I heard that I was going to be up against a professional politician, I knew it was a matter of time before he would be slinging some mud.  I didn't know that he would just completely make things up.  I also didn't understand the rapid fire rate at which he can make things up.  I've been letting people know that I would have a fact checker here on the website, and this is where I will set the record straight.  Thank you for your support!