Fake News

So this is the front of the hit piece, let's jump right in.

1. He calls me a "Norman Developer". Ok, this is strange because I've never owned any property in Norman.  I've never built a house in Norman.  I've also never developed any land in Norman.  In other post I've stated I didn't know if he was lying or mistaken, but in this case he's pretty clearly straight up lying.

2. Headlines about corruption.  These aren't even real headlines.  These are made up by him. What's funny is if you check his ethics filings you will see that he has some pretty substantial campaign contributions from some of the biggest developers in the city.  The fake news articles state "Councilman AND Developer".  You would think since he was making these up anyway he would have said "Developer Councilman" so then it would seem that it was talking about me.  Instead he made up articles that could describe him and his campaign donors.  All this shows is that ANYONE that is a Councilman has to be honest and have integrity, which is on a mailer he sent out with lies and fake news articles.

3. The last thing we have here is the fox in charge of the hen house.  I'm running for City Council because I have deep roots here and a deep love for my city.  We are lacking on very basic services on the Southside.  Our roads need fixed, our easements need to be maintained.  We need police and fire accessible to all our areas.  I know there's not enough money to take care of these basic things, let alone line someone's pockets.  I know a thing or two about building things and budgeting, how much things should cost, and how to get things done on time and on budget.  He sees someone that has experience in the field and he jumps to thinking how that person can take advantage of that for themselves?   Don't know what to say about that, but it's not the way I think.