How Cool is Johnny Cash!

So today, right on schedule for a professional politician, we got the hit piece on me. True to form, it's full of lies and one might say "alternative facts".  It's also a really poorly done hit piece, even worse than his 1st one, which was a train wreck.  So let's analyze this thing.

1. He put me in a picture with Johnny Cash, how cool is that? I guess growing up in New Hampshire they didn't listen to Johnny Cash?  I guess the point here is Johnny Cash is awesome and he thinks I'm like Johnny Cash. That's very cool!

2. Claim I lied about residency.  Wrong! I challenge my opponent to come up with one piece of MY campaign literature that states "Lifelong South OKC Resident".  I've referred to myself as "Lifelong Registered Republican", so I don't know if this is his mistake or a lie. Either is a strong possibility with him.  As I've claimed, and I will reassert here, I was born and raised here on the Southside of OKC.  After being trained on fiber optics in the Oklahoma Air National Guard, I did take a job with a company that moved me out of state for a few years.  I lived in California and Florida, never lived in Missouri though, I don't know if this is a lie or a mistake on his part.  But as he pointed out I've spent over 40 years of my life calling Oklahoma City my home! My job moved me away for a few years, but this is my HOME.

3. So he says I attacked him for growing up out of state, and that he moved here shortly after graduating college.  A couple of points of fact that might be good to include when you are claiming to be stating "Stone Cold Fact", he became a New Hampshire State Rep shortly after college, after which (maybe he lost re-election?) he moved to Tulsa to go to law school.  Tulsa is not in the "heart of south OKC".  Also, pretty sure his office was downtown until a couple years ago, and as previously established, I was back home 7 years ago.

4. Finally, we have "Don't Reward Lies....With Your Vote!"  Why is he telling you not to vote for him?  This is a strange tactic, but then again, he did start out with saying I'm like Johnny Cash!