Things he's saying

I've covered the hit pieces he's sent out, but there are a number of things or rumors that he's saying on doorsteps and to individuals.  The are remarks that are getting back to me, I'm sure there are plenty that I'm not aware of.  What I've figured out, is he will tell the person he is talking to whatever it is he thinks they don't like. He has no problem contradicting himself, he doesn't think he will get caught.

I was in a group text with 2 people on the night of the primary.  He was trying to get the support of both of them.  He was texting one saying I was going to be endorsed by the ACLU, and the other (a big fan of the ACLU) he was telling I was in league with big oil.  Neither of this claims are true, and they are also not likely to occur at the same time.  What he didn't know is that those two were talking and aware of what the other was being told.  It was pretty clear to them he was lying.  Most people don't get to hear the things he's telling others though, so he gets away with it.

So this was funny, he was on a radio program to talk about the race.  I thought it was to talk about Ward 4, so that's what my segment was on.  But then there was his segment, where he talked about me.  One of his claims was that I had a fully funded campaign, that I was able to fund it from some trust fund he said I have.  He has raise almost $100,000 for this campaign, and $40,000 of it is a loan from himself.  I've raised less than half of that, $45,000 and $7,000 is out of my pocket.  He self funds nearly 6 times as much as me, then calls me a trust fund baby.  Ironically after making a couple other false statements he follows this up with a claim that I'll be too busy running my business to be able to do the job of City Councilman.  Obviously both those things can't be true, but that doesn't stop him.

Let's see, he also made claims of ties to special interest.  As I just stated I've raised less than half of what he has.  I have my friends and family helping me, and we are getting it done with what we have to work with.  He is paying a professional consultant. He's getting PAC money from Washington DC, and local PACs.  He's making claims that I owe someone.  This is again a case where I think he's talking about himself.  He raised over half a million dollars while he was in the house, and now he's raised another $100,000.  That's a pretty big investment in someone.